NuAge Detection & Pest Elimination - CERTIFIED K9 BED BUG DETECTION TEAM

  When it comes to bed bugs we may not be your only option, but we are your only choice. Why are we your only choice? Its simple, we offer a full service approach to your bed bug needs in house, including Bed Bug Dog inspections, Thermal Remediation (Heat Treatments), and traditional bed bug eradication (Pesticides). Why is this beneficial to you?  Because it cuts out the middle man, and we do not receive any 3rd party information ever. We take full responsibility from start to finish which enables us to offer you the best service for your home and needs.
  For example: a company that only offers heat treatment services will tell you heat is the best option while a company that only offers traditional pesticide treatments will tell you pesticides are your best option. Both of these companies may suggest hiring a K9 inspection company prior to them coming out. These typical bed bug dog companies will walk their dog through your home and you will watch their dog indicate in 3-5 rooms.  They will tell you there are bed bugs, collect their money and leave. You still do not know how bad the infestation is, have not seen a bug, fecal matter, a cast skin or any other signs bed bugs are present. If a police dog indicates on drugs and the policeman can not find any drugs guess what, nobody goes to jail. This same approach should be taken for bed bugs especially in residential dwellings. It is very important to us that we have proof of bed bugs before any treatment plan is put into place. If "Julie" gives a positive indication and we can not visually confirm bed bugs we will continue to monitor your home. If you are actually suffering from an allergic reaction or a skin irritation of any kind and your home was misdiagnosed as bed bugs you not only wasted a lot of money, you will also believe that bed bugs are still present in your home. This mental anguish can be far more damaging then actual bed bugs living in your home. Couple that with countless hours of you doing your own bed bug research can become very overwhelming. The fact of the matter is no two bed bug jobs are the same, and we understand what treatment is most beneficial for you whether its heat, pesticides, or a combination of both. This is absolutely the difference between success and failure.
  We start with a thorough inspection that is a combination of "Julie" our bed bug dog and a visual inspection to confirm bed bugs are present in your home so we can determine the extent of the infestation. This inspection will typically take 1-3 hours.We will determine what rooms are affected, and what rooms need to be protected. We also take into consideration the type of structure your home is constructed with. This all makes a difference to what treatment will be most effective for your home. 
BED BUG PREVENTION (RESIDENTIAL) is a twice a year service
                         *First time customers require a full bed bug inspection*

We will prevent bed bugs from infesting your home for 6 months.  If bed bugs do infest your home while you are protected under us, we will perform a full thermal remediation or a full "traditional" treatment plan free of charge.
Residential Thermal Remediation (Heat Treatment)
90 day guarantee - Heat with limited pesticides
45 Day Guarantee - Heat Only           
Guarantee starts when we confirm bed bugs are fully eradicated.  

We will heat affected rooms and surrounding rooms with lethal bed bug temperatures of 130 degrees or greater, install bed bug interceptors upon completion and return 7 days later to have our bed bug dog verify there is no live scent present. If live scent is detected or live bed bugs are found during your guarantee period we will re-heat your home free of charge. 

Traditional Pesticide treatment  plan (residential)
90 day guarantee
Guarantee starts when we deem your home bed bug free
Consists of three treatments 14 days apart, we install bed bug 
Interceptors on last treatment, and have a 30 day wait period to have our bed bug dog verify there is no live bed bug scent. If live scent is detected or live bed bugs are found during your 90 day guarantee we will perform any other services free of charge.                 
If you have any questions concerning bed bugs and/or treatment plans please give us a call.
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