NuAge Detection & Pest Elimination - CERTIFIED K9 BED BUG DETECTION TEAM
Bed Bug Travel Tips:
   Follow NuAge's Basic Travel Guide to avoid bringing home more than Souvenirs, and have costly Bed Bug Removal Services.
1. Do not place... luggage, bags, or purses on floor or on bed.
2. Do not unpack clothing or any belongings into dressers or closets.
3. Leave clothing and suitcases on the bathroom vanity.
4. Pack a small flashlight and do a manual inspection of bed bug hot spots. Check around head board and edges of the bottom side of the box spring. Look for bugs or fecal matter, fecal matter will look very similar to dabs of a blue or black sharpie pen in clustered dots. Any evidence of this notify hotel management.
5. If you absolutely must unpack clothes, purchase dissolvable laundry bags and pack all clothing in bags and launder immediately upon returning home. Leave suitcases on bathroom vanity.
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